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Kovachevitsa on my mind


Now make sure you copy-paste the name when you start looking for it in Google because the spelling in English is something!

This blog does not obey time but rather the author’s laziness, so we are starting the year with a blog post way overdue from November 2015. Back then Rossy and I took a long weekend off and went to Kovachevitsa for tree things mainly: to sleep, to eat and to take pictures!

I rarely go somewhere without the dog but our hosts Vesko and Susie were nice enough to welcome us with Vihar included. And Vihar just loves going to the countryside because in his book this means freedom from the leash, lot’s of new things to explore, even new friends. In the case of Kovachevitsa, the new friend was Bobby – Vesko and Susie’s huge, soft giant Bulgarian shepherd that seldom has no idea of his size and tries to sit in your lap. He is absolutely adorable.

It may sound silly to many people but actually being able to take your dog with you at a hotel, guest house of retreat is very, very important for people who have dogs. Imagine someone telling you your kids are not allowed in a hotel? You wouldn’t go there, right. So I really try to give a shout-out to all business that allow pets and this one is for Vesko and Susie!

What do you need to know about Kovachevitsa

According to its Wiki page, it as found by refugees running from Ottoman assimilation. Yes, I am only mentioning this due to the hot topic of refugees and the fact that about 99.9% of the people of Bulgaria are actually descendants of refugees. Back then people used to choose places up in the mountains for their settlements – difficult to reach, so the armies would stay away. This I believe is also the case of this village.

Kovachevitsa has been a historical and architectural reserve since 1977. This means you are not allowed to build anything in a modern style and construction generally is difficult and expensive. Which has worked very well for the village because in my humble opinion is the best-preserved tourist destination in the country despite the visibly new houses here and there. Entering you really do feel like time has stopped – no modern hotels and SPA centers, no fast cars, no fancy houses. Stone, wood, and narrow streets engulf you pretty fast.

Things you must see

The local church and the old school are somewhat of sites. However, Kovachevitsa is more about just taking it slowly, walking every winding little road of it to admire the architecture and try the local food. Don’t miss out on the mushrooms that grow literally meters away from the village. We literally had them with every meal but breakfast.

If you stay with Vesco and Susie you must know almost everything they put on the table is homemade – the wine and the rakia, the meat, the ljutenica. And Susie’s mekitsi for breakfast are just phenomenal! With all the hipster craze about mekitsi in Sofia, I bet you none of them can compare.

Feeling burned out, in need to take a photo weekend or just looking for a place to turn your phone off and relax, Kovachevitsa is just that type of place. If you go, make sure you say Hi! to Bobby!


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