Things You Need In Life



Not necessary in this order but still…

Apricots. Because they are the bomb when ripe and soft and mushy to the point they break in your hands. Apricots smell of Spring and long days and touching their skin feels like you are touching a lover.
A dog. Dogs are the best. I think that when God created man and the world he knew he will be throwing a lot of shit our way and he created dogs. So that at the end of the day you have at least one person that will always love you, will always snuggle next to you and think you are the best being on the planet only because you exist.
Cats. Because only beings you can never own love you truly.
Boobs. Boobs are warm, sweet and soft. And they move to express pleasure, which is beautiful. Boobs were created to nurture and make you feel safe and happy so we all need boobs.
Sunsets. Everything looks better when the light is golden. It doesn’t matter what the view is or how ugly it is under the normal light when the sky is vanilla, everything is beautiful.
Rainy summer nights. It doesn’t matter if you spend them alone in bed or with a love, they always soothe your soul.
Simple things like summer, watermelons and tarator.
A car. Cars are freedom. You need a car that has air conditioning and makes you feel happy when you blast your music and drive over limits with it.
Someone to hold your hand. It’s awesome, to know that someone wants to hold your hand without thinking about it, just doing it. You know, in public.
Someone who kisses your forehead without a reason. Well, actually there is a reason and you and I know it but won’t mention it, since we don’t speak about the thinks we don’t want to jinx it.
Someone who slightly squeezes you when giving you a hug as if they are gonna lose you if they let you go.
Someone to have small talk about art and travel with. Someone you can suggest to hey, let’s get plane tickets and go see a modern art show in (insert European destination here) and he says – let’s do it!

You need someone who chooses you.

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